Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Motivation

Questions like "why do you want to be a teacher?" and "what is your motivation for going into teaching?" have been brought up numerous times lately as I start my journey into the world of education. I think it is important to consider the motivation and root rationales carefully and from multiple angles. It is important because a single teacher can make or break a student. I know of multiple examples, some first-hand others from friends.

My motivation is to help students reach their highest potential and to help ensure the future of the world.

There, I said it.

Ok really, Being a teacher is something I think I can do, do well and enjoy. I want to be there for the students and help in any way I can. Not to mention how rewarding it is to see a student succeed. The look on their face is... there is nothing like it. You succeed with them.

To perpetuate these successes I will use whatever I can. I have no problem going back to basics if that is what is needed. I welcome any new approaches for teaching and learning that will lead to learning success. I am open for anything.
I just hope that others who are taking this road are as willing and open to better ways of doing things regardless of if the technique is new or old. I think that most people who want to teach, want to help students, I know it’s not the money.
Teachers, I think, ultimately get paid through student success. Although you may not be able to buy a new shiny pair of Crystal Charm Pendants for your favorite Shitzu, an awesome creamy brie or some funny pens with spring loaded puff balls on the end that wiggle when you write, this type of currency that teachers get paid pays the sole.

Maybe the sole has some funny pens with spring loaded puff balls on the end that wiggle when you write. You never know.

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  1. I hear you about getting asked numerous times, "why do you want to be a teacher?" And no it's definitely not the $$s. I could probably make more designing charm pendants for a Shitzu. Ah Shitzu! that's what I should have done ;) Great positive Blogging Miss.Mary.