Friday, April 16, 2010

Techno Classroom Dance Moves

A teacher needs the right moves to transform the awkward processes and daily steps in the classroom into graceful poetry.

These are my Techno Dance Moves for the first year:

1. Discover what technology resources are available at the site and what technology goals and standards the administration has set in place.

2. Asses the students current capabilities and skill level relating to technology, background experience (scholastic and recreation) and home access to various devices and services.

3. Arrange for reasonable student access to necessary technological devices and services inside the classroom, at the school site, and at home. Communicate with parents the intent, importance, goals, projects, questions, concerns, and any other topics that need to be addressed so as to allow students to have off site access to the devices and services needed to advance there education.

4. Plan and implement technology based learning activities that parallel state subject standards on a frequent and regular basis.

5. Plan and implement technology based projects that engage and develop the students higher cognitive skills, connect classroom instruction to a real world context, and allow for the creation of original products.

6. Create a method and system for sharing and displaying student work and progress, instructional outlines and goals as well as a system of communication with students, parents and family members, faculty and administration by way of technology.

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