Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Tribe

If I were to create a theme based project, I would like to create a project around the Native American Indians for third grade. This was an awesome unit for me in third grade and I would very much like to create a new and improved unit for students today. My initial idea is to have small groups of students, 3-5 students, chose a region of the United States and create their own tribe that would reside in that region. At the end of the unit, the class will participate in a "tribe fair" where students will try to recruit more tribe members.
Specific roles would be assigned to each student in the group to break-up the work load. Small assignments/steps would be given to structure the project, allowing for continuous guidance and assessment in addition to making the project less overwhelming. Some assignments may have to do with group organization and participation others may focus on research and required areas of learning (based upon state standards). If available and practical to use, online resources such as a project website, wikis, blogs, documents, and other appropriate resources would be integrated into the project.

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